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We’re still hangin’ out together and callin’ Colorado home.  2010 marks our 36th year of marriage and our 21st in the Rockies. If you’re passing through, we’d be happy to give you accommodations and a tour.

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And be sure to check out our kids’ sites by clicking on their photos above. (That’s how we keep in touch with them these days.)  Jay and Nikki live in New Jersey. Both work for Apple. He’s headquartered in NYC and she’s in South Jersey. We’re hoping they’ll buy a big farm in the country so they can have space to unwind (and we can have a place to retire some day).  Jesse and Krista live in Sweden and are missionaries at Holsbybrunn Bible School. The big news is that they just had our first grandchild!! She is Eleri Challen, born November 9. Jolie lives in Tennessee and is married to Mike Witcher, a TV meteorologist on WBIR the local NBC affiliate (and the most watched channel in eastern Tennessee). Jolie is going to nursing school and does medical massage therapy on the side.

Eleri Challen Ashmen

Born November 9, 2009 in Eksjö, Sweden

Our new granddaughter is not so new anymore! She has amazing hair for her age. And no, her mom doesn’t color it.



The rotating shots above are recent (and random) ones we’ve taken in various places with our iPhones. They might not appear in one of our Photo Albums, so enjoy ‘em while you see ‘em.